I was that kid who loved company because that meant I was ON.


Hey, I'm Sarah. I'm an improviser, comedian and musician living in Columbus, OH. 


sarah j storer song.jpg

I create experiences and space for people to laugh, learn and maybe (just maybe) feel a little bit empowered. 

That might look like a full catalog of songs about The Bachelor (really), a six week course for kids to learn improv comedy, a seminar for adults to build more creativity in the workplace, or an improvised musical. 

I always want my work to occupy the space between comedy + motivation, laughter + empowerment, and business + pleasure. And also, donuts + coffee. Fuck kale.

Above all, I want everyone I perform for and work with to feel like they matter, even if that means making them sing along to a song they couldn't repeat in front of their mother.