Improv, Joy and "OK, Now What?"

Improv has just one rule that can't be broken: "yes, and..."

Yes teaches you to accept whatever you've been given. On stage, this might mean that if your scene partner says you're a flying dragon, this means you're a flying dragon. No being a dick and saying, "I'm not a flying dragon! I'm a unicorn."

And teaches you to then add to the story. "Yes, I'm a flying dragon, and I just burned down your village."

In real life, I believe the everyday application of "yes, and..." is "OK. Now what?"

"Yes" or "OK" is neither positive or negative. It's simply saying, "This is my reality. I'm sad, or this shitty thing happened, or I'm the happiest I've ever been."

You can sit in the "yes" or the "OK" for a minute, but eventually, you're gonna have to "and" or "now what?"

"Now what?" is all about you.

You can choose to deal with your circumstance as it is. That may be something as minor as: 

OK: "My boyfriend broke up with me."
Now what?: "I will get out of bed today and shower." 

"Now what?" might also mean stepping away for a minute, or going ovaries out to reach your goal, or trying something new. It could just mean that you choose to laugh instead of cry, or that you give into that sobbing jag. 

Whatever you decide, it's not the end. Simply ask "OK. Now what?" again.

This past week (ok, month...ok, fine, fall) has been interesting for me, to say the least, and "OK. Now what?" has been my mantra again and again as I tackle each day. 

What "OK. Now what?" requires is an intention to "check in" with yourself every so often.

It can be tough, because accepting your current reality might not be easy.

You might be doing too much. You might be the one to blame for an argument. You might realize you've been a little lazy. You might think your kids are being little assholes. You might discover someone you love is kind of a dick. You might be a dick. You might be the most loving, caring person on earth and guess what? The universe just shit on you anyway.

OK. Now what?

Thank you so much for watching, reading and sharing! I made a thing for you below. Enjoy! :)