Masterdating: One Woman's Musical Journey to Loving Herself

"I laughed, I cried, I felt empowered." -Hannah Y. 

"'People aren't magic,' but this show is magical." -Greg P. 

"Absolutely phenomenal." Francesca S.

Masterdating is the story of how one girl went from sheltered pastor's daughter (who had literally never seen a naked man prior to her wedding night) to empowered woman (who writes and sings about literally never seeing a naked man prior to her wedding night. Spoiler: she is now divorced).

Through multi-media, original songs, stand up, storytelling and a little improv, Masterdating takes the audience on a journey that explores how to really (REALLY) enjoy hold music, how to find the perfect breakup song and, most importantly, how to understand their inherent value in a world that claims one must be "ready" for love. 

Written, developed and performed by writer, comedian and musician Sarah J. Storer.